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Automate running an AAC Plan with the AAC API



This tutorial explains how to connect Workato and Alteryx to run each others recipes or plans respectively. This is just 1 example of how an Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC) Plan can connect with another data analytics tool to work in a coordinated fashion with your data.

Run an AAC Plan via API

Running an AAC Plan via API from Workato or Similar Tools

  1. Get an API access token from the AAC workspace that contains the plan you want to run.

    1. You can follow the guide here:

  2. Call the /v4/plans/{id}/run endpoint from Workato or a similar tool that can hit API endpoints. Set it up similar to a curl command like this:

    1. Documentation on this endpoint:

    2. Replace {id} and <token> with your own plan's ID and API access token respectively.

      curl -X POST '{id}/run' \
      -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'

Video Demo

Call an API from AAC Plans

Running a Workato Recipe or Similar Tool from an AAC Plan

  1. Determine the endpoint or webhook you want to call to hit Workato or the tool you want to connect to an AAC plan.

    1. In this case it is{id of recipe}.

    2. Documentation on it here.

  2. Create a plan in your AAC workspace.

  3. Add an HTTP task to your plan and a post method to hit the Workato webhook and kick off the recipe.

    run api from aac plan.png
  4. Your plan will run the workflows it needs and then it will prompt the Workato Recipe (or similar tool) to kick off its actions.

Video Demo


In this tutorial, we’ve shown how you can automatically run another data analytics tool in tandem with Alteryx.

Thank you for reading along and if you have issues or questions feel free to comment them below or post in the Developer Discussion Forum!