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Grand Prix is a signature event at Inspire. We take the three fastest Alteryx users we can find – from across the globe – and let them ‘race’ on stage for analytic glory. Who can solve the most problems and build the fastest workflows? We’ll soon find out!


So, without further ado, let me introduce you to (and congratulate!) our three finalists – one of whom will walk away with the Grand Prix trophy.


Katrin Erb (@kat) + Dan Hare (@DanHare) Katrin has been using Alteryx for less than a year but is already a pro at data blending. Katrin’s favorite tool is Multi-Row Formula. She works for Standard Bank and comes to London from the Channel Islands User Group. Dan Hare, of Continuum, will be her pit crew.


Yalmar Mekelenkamp (@Yalmar) + Samantha Hughes (@samanthaj_hughes) Even though Yalmar has been using Alteryx for less than a year, he has made it to Grand Prix prelims before. Now let’s welcome him to the main stage! His secret weapon is the Formula tool and he will travel all the way from Amsterdam to compete. He works for Infotopics BV and his pit crew will be Samantha Hughes, of Sainsbury’s.


Natasha Kurakina (@Natasha) + Rob Gilhespy (@robg1409)  Natasha will have the home court advantage since she belongs to the London User Group. She has been using Alteryx for over a year and is a master at the Dynamic Select tool. She works for The Information Lab. Rob Gilhespy from North Tyneside Council will be her pit crew.


Are you as excited as we are to see these three amazing users compete on the big stage? If you are, be sure to register for Inspire Europe 2018 – I can promise it will be a thrilling experience!

Jimmy Garrett
Sales Engineer

Jimmy Garrett is Sales Engineer at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 8 years.

Jimmy Garrett is Sales Engineer at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 8 years.


Congratulations, @kat @Yalmar & @Natasha! CANNOT WAIT to cheer on all 3 of you on the Grand Prix stage!! 




Cheers, and best of luck to you all!!


ACE Program Specialist
ACE Program Specialist

My eyes can't stop looking at that gif!


Fun fact: this was @ZacP's first day doing the floss.