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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

With our Alteryx Analytics 10.0 release, Alteryx delivers even more data blending functionality with new in-database blending capabilities for Amazon Redshift, Cloudera Impala, Teradata and Spark, enabling line-of-business analysts to take full advantage of the new Big Data stack.


In many organizations a substantial amount of data resides within their corporate data warehouse -- for example, point-of-sale transactions, phone call records and web logs. Moving this data to where the processing takes place can be inefficient because it not only creates network bottlenecks, but can also slow down the execution of the workflow itself. This is a perfect scenario for leveraging Alteryx in-database analytics.


In-DB toolsAlteryx provides you with a wide range of in-database tools to easily aggregate, filter, create or update fields, select, deselect, reorder, and rename fields. You can also quickly and easily join two in-database streams based on common fields, all within the data warehouse. Should you need to blend data within a warehouse with data from another source, such as cloud data, Excel, or any other data set not residing in the data warehouse, you can stream data from these various sources into the warehouse and blend these data sets within the database.


You create workflows using in-database tools in the same manner as traditional Alteryx analytics workflows, with the key difference being that Alteryx converts that portion of the workflow into a series of SQL statements that are passed to the database platform via the ODBC driver for execution. By doing the blending inside the database itself you leverage its processing power. Once the data is blended, you can move just the results into Alteryx for further processing, thus limiting the amount of data that needs to traverse the network.


For more information you can download our latest cookbook, "6 Steps to Faster Data Blending Using Your Data Warehouse," and get a step-by-step guide to the benefits of in-database blending. To see in-database data blending and other new features in Alteryx Analytics 10.0, watch our on-demand webinar, “Achieve Analytic Independence with Alteryx Analytics 10.0.”


You can also download a free trial of Alteryx Designer to try the new features in Release 10.0 for yourself.