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Breakout Sessions - When will the topics be available?

5 - Atom

HI there,


I'm attending the event and the training sessions.  I am curious as to what the breakout sessions will be as this is my first time attending.


1.  Are they technical in nature or more business theory based (companies and how they use Alteryx) or both?

2.  When will these sessions be listed?  Depending on some of the session topics, it may drive what I select in the training prior.

3.  Are breakout sessions first come/first server (do we have to enroll)?

4.  Are breakout sessions recorded in case we cannot attend one due to conflicts?

5.  What's the average size of these sessions?


Any other information you can provide that I may have missed would be helpful.  I am looking forward to attending!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for your questions! A couple answers below:


1. The breakouts varies, with some focused on case studies and others more technical in nature

2. We're hoping to have the sessions listed on the website by mid/late March

3. You'll be able to favorite sessions, but sessions will be first come/first serve when you get onsite 

4. Some breakouts will be recorded but not all. Once we discover which are the most requested we'll announce the app which sessions are recorded

5. The average size is between 150-200


We can't wait to see you there!


The Analyticon Team