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Publishing and Sharing an Insight

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Introduced in Alteryx 2018.3, the Insight tool in the Designer Reporting tool categoryallows users to harness the power of Visualytics by creating interactive dashboards to communicate data patterns, relationships, and insights. The final step in an Insight's journey is it'spublication to a company's private Gallery. After publication, an insight can be shared with anyone who has access to the Gallery it is hosted on. This article provides detailed steps on how to publish an insight to a Gallery, and how to share the insight with other users on the Gallery.

Please note that for insights to be published to a Gallery, the Alteryx Server the Gallery is hosted on must beconfigured to work with insights. For details on how to configure your server to work with insights, please see this Community Article.

Once you are ready to publish your insight masterpiece, navigate to the Preview mode of the Insight tool's modal configuration window.

In the top right corner of the model window, you should see a drop-down menu to Select a Gallery to publish your Insight Dashboard to. The options in this drop-down menu will include any Alteryx gallery that you have connected to in Designer. Note that at this time insights cannot be published to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery


Once you have selected the Gallery you would like to publish to, the Publish button will become active.


Clicking the Publish button opens a new modal window where you can name your insight prior to publishing it to yourPrivate Studio. It is important to note that if you have already published an insight with your current Insight tool, that previously published insight will be overwritten with your new insight. To create an entirely new insight and preserve your previously published insight you will need to drop-in and configurea new Insight tool.


When you are ready, you can complete the publication process by hitting the Save button in the bottom right corner. Once the insight has been successfully published, you will see the following success message:


This process has created an insight ID for your dashboard. You can now publish your associated workflow to the same Gallery to update your Insight data. The workflow and insight are linked by the insight ID which was created in the Insight tool during publication.

Sharing your Insight

To share your published insight with others, navigate to your Gallery with a web browser, and log in with your account.

Navigate to a Collection you would like to be the Insight to be included in. Open the collection, navigate to the Insight Tab, and type the name of your Insight into the text bar to add it to your collection.


After adding your Insight to a Collection, all of the users in this Collection will see your insight on their Insight page. The Insight page shows users all Insights they created and insights that have been shared with them through Collections.


Now you can leverage the power of Visualytics through your Alteryx Server!

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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @SydneyF 


I've set up the server exactly as recommended above - and from a separate designer client I can make a connection to the server and publish.


However when we try to view this viz in the gallery we get the error



and if you then run the designer on the actual server machine and try to view the Insight in the Designer window - you get this error:




Where can we find the detailed log files or any detailed logging messages to figure out why Insights are failing?   From reading the forums it seems like there are a few people discovering undocumented features with this toolset, hopefully by pointing folk to the detailed verbose logs we can work together to solve these issues.


NOTE: the data set is super simple - just 3 rows and two columns to try to test this capability, so it's not a data issue.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
@SeanAdams Sorry for the issue, could you let me know your Designer and Server versions so I can reproduce the issue? Feel free to reach me directly as well and happy to troubleshoot. Alex Polly
8 - Asteroid

Hi @apolly 


I am also facing this issue, Could you please assist how to resolve it?






5 - Atom

Hello everyone, 


I'm facing another issue regarding Insights

I have a license for Server and am preparing a demo for client

I've tried to publish one Insight to my gallery. however, i keep getting this issue: 




My gallery configuration is enabled for Insight (controler + worker)


Could you guys have any ideas? 



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Hi @duyng34

this might be useful.


I never saw this error before but some suggestions from my side. 


Few things you may check-

1. if you trying to re-publish any existing one, then pls try to publish it with different name

2. try to save your Alteryx workflow on your local first. then close and reopen the same workflow. Try to re-publish.

3. try to access your private gallery using the same URL and level of access you have

4. if nothing works then you may try to restart the Alteryx server service.


Hope this helps!


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Hi @RuchikaMangla 


Thank for your recommendations, 


The issue is still happening.

I tried all your recommendations: publish the workflow + insight with different name. 

The server is also restarted. 

About user's rights, I'm a curator with the rights below:




I can publish the workflow to Gallery without issue, only Insight getting the error: 


Do you know if there is any assistance from Alteryx Server? 



8 - Asteroid

hi @duyng34 


Sorry for the delay response.

if you are still facing this issue, then please make sure you have enabled below settings under Alteryx System Settings. If everything is already there then I would suggest you to reach out to Alteryx support.