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How to Pass in Excel Worksheet Name in the Gallery API


How to Pass in Excel Worksheet Name in the Gallery API

File Browse tool is now supported in Gallery API with the new endpoint - /user/v2/inputfiles in version 2020.3 that allows you to upload a file followed by /user/v2/workflows/{appId}/jobs endpoint to submit the job.


  • Alteryx Server 
    • Version 2020.3 and above


1. Use [POST] /user/v2/inputfiles endpoint to first upload the Excel file. 
2. Use the returned reference Id from the [POST] /user/v2/inputfiles endpoint in the questions JSON payload of [POST] /api/user/v2/workflows/{appId}/jobs endpoint.
3. To include the sheet name, add in three pipe characters (|||) followed by the name of the sheet after the reference Id.
  "questions": [
      "name": "File Browse (4)",
      "value": "603770dfb36f00008d002d97|||`Sheet1$`"

"File Browse (4)" is the name of the File Browse tool in the application. "603770dfb36f00008d002d97" is the reference Id from Step 1. "Sheet1" is the name of the Excel Worksheet to use.

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