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How To : Safely change the Global Workspace of an Alteryx Server


How To : Safely change the Global Workspace of an Alteryx Server

The Global Workspace is a path used as the base for configuration options that determine where temporary files, log files, and database files are stored.

Sub-folders for the specific items can be created to use the global workspace or can be customized later to write to a different location. This path should point to a location that is safe to store large amounts of files.

Server admins wanting to change it to to a different location can use this resource to safely perform this change.


  • Product - Alteryx Server
  • Infrastructure
    • All permissions on the future Global Workspace


  1. Backup your Alteryx Server (procedure outlined here)
  2. Alongside the backup of done in the previous step, keep a copy of the below elements:
    • RuntimeSettings.xml (this file can be found in %ProgramData%/Alteryx/)
    • Controller Token (can be copied into a text file from the Alteryx System Settings > General)
  3. Stop the Alteryx Service
  4. Open the Alteryx System Settings ans navigate toEnvironment > Workspace
  5. Change the Global Workspace to the desired directory :
    • JohnGD_0-1572015977558.png
  6. Navigate through each screen of the Alteryx System Settings to confirm that:
    • The paths of the sub-directories include the new Global Workspace's root path
    • The other settings remain unchanged
  7. Do not hit hit "Finish"on the last screen of the Alteryx System Settings:
    • JohnGD_2-1572017358173.png
    • But instead copy the below folders from the previous Global Workspace to the new Global workspace:
      • Engine
      • Gallery
      • Service
    • After the copy, you can hit "Finish" to apply the changes and start the Alteryx Service
  8. Log into the Gallery Admin and validate that every elements are available (users, workflows, schedules...)
  9. If the validation is confirmed, remove the below folders from the previous Global Workspace:
    • Engine
    • Gallery
    • Service

Additional Resources

As always, don't hesitate to contact us over atCustomer Supportif you run into any trouble.

7 - Meteor

Hello JohnGD,


I migrated from c: to d: drive but the below 2 resources didnt migrated to another location:


ErrorLogs folder and the logs are consuming lots of disk space


Can you please let me know how to migrate the ErrorLogs and RuntimeSetting.xml both to d: drive together with Engine, Gallery, Service.


Thank you,



Hi @danishimam ! 


- RuntimeSettings.xml will always remain in \ProgramData\

- the location of ErrorLogs cannot be changed at this time

I would recommend submitting a product idea so it gets visible by our product teams:
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Thank you