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How To: Modify Gallery Session Timeout


How To: Modify Gallery Session Timeout

This article shows how to modify the session timeout for the Gallery. A session timeout specifies the number of minutes that a Gallery session can remain idle (inactive) before the session will be terminated. The default session timeout value is 60 minutes. When the session timeout occurs the user will be returned to the Sign In page:


Note: This setting applies to Built-in or SAML authentication only.When using Integrated Windows authentication Alteryx does not enforce a session timeout as the user has a valid Windows session.


  • Alteryx Server
  • Authentication Type: Built-in or SAML


If you have a multi-machine Server environment, the following steps should be performed on the Gallery node(s) only.

  1. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx\.
  2. Create a backup of the RuntimeSettings.xml file.
  3. Open the RuntimeSettings.xml file in an editor and add the following line in the Gallery section:

    Example RuntimeSettings.xml file with a 20 minute session timeout.Example RuntimeSettings.xml file with a 20 minute session timeout.

  4. Save the file and restart the AlteryxService.

Additional Resources

7 - Meteor

Great infomation. do you know what is the minimum Session timeout can be set for Alteryx Gallery?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



There is no minimum. However, this change is not supported.

8 - Asteroid

Great article. I was able to set the session, however, it logs me back in automatically right after logging out. I do not get the screen with Sign In button. We are using windows auth in version 2022.1. Any ideas? Thank you

5 - Atom

My company is requiring a Max Session Timeout ... essentially they want the session to time out, then a max session time out where it returns to the Login Screen ... Please advise ... 

8 - Asteroid


that is exactly my concern. What is the purpose of timing out the session if it logs you back in without prompting any credentials?

We also have a requirement to timeout session after 15 min, but users are not prompted to log in, they just logged in right away.