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Alteryx Server: How To Enable Engine Logs


Alteryx Server: How To Enable Engine Logs

Engine logs are a useful when troubleshooting Engine related issues.
They contain the output of messages created when a workflow runs, as well as the time stamps when tools run in a workflow.



  1. Open Alteryx System Settings
  2. Navigate to Engine - General
  3. Under Logging Directory set a directory for Engine logs to be written to. Per default this is empty and therefore Engine logs would be disabled.

Please note that in a multi node environment the above mentioned steps will have to be performed for each Worker machine.

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A Workflow log question.  In a multi-node environment, is it a best practice to write Workflow logs to a network drive shared by all the worker nodes?  We just added a new worker node and we have the WF loads writing to the D:\ drive on each server.  Can you advise on what's the best set up?  Also, we scan the logs to alert on Error messages.  Is there a pattern that would pick up critical errors vs say field conversion errors?