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connection String error on a Scheduled workflow




I have a workflow where in I transform data from a API and save it into a table on SQL Server. I used and O/P tool to save data into the SQL Server table. I have this workflow completely working when I try to run it normally on my multi-user server. When I am trying to schedule it on the controller on the Alteryx Server, the connection string does not seem to work. I tried looking up similar issues on the community but nothing seems to be similar to my issue since I am not using the Gallery but scheduling it on the Server. I have attached a image for reference.

Any leads on how to proceed will be highly appreciated.


Thank you,




Your error message indicates that login is failing.  Have you set "Persist Security" to true?  That's something that doesn't get set by default in OLE connections.  It's mentioned, though not emphasized in the following community post:


Do you have the configuration set to Windows Authentication or is it configured for a specific username and password?



Lisa LePome
Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.