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Workflows on Gallery - Is there a way to tell which server a workflow runs off of?

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My company utilizes Alteryx Gallery and we run many workflows on Monday mornings. We have two separate servers set up for our Gallery that can each run several workflows at the same time. We are having some errors and we think that it has something to do with which server the workflow is run on, but we cannot find out if there is a way to tell which server the workflow ran? 

We are wanting to find a log of what workflows ran on what servers. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Hi @noahcwest 


There's a way to connect to the job queue via Alteryx Designer - Options > View Schedules. You will need the hostname / IP address of the Controller machine and the Controller Token to connect. 

Once in, you will be able to access the history of the runs and see which of the worker nodes each job got executed on within the Status column. You will also be able to access the console log output of the workflows.