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Workflows are not executing and throwing an invalid credentials error.

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Hi Every one,

I am facing some issues on Altery Server.
My workflows on Alteryx server are throwing an error which are scheduled on server, when i run them on my machine it is working fine.

Screenshot of an error below.


I appreciate for your help.





Hi Hareesh,


The the Server have a Run As user set? If so, please make sure that the password for the Run As user in System Settings is correct.

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.
8 - Asteroid


Thank you. Yes the problem is with run as user account which was expired earlier 3 days before.


Resolution:- I have selected run the worker as a different user as a temporary fix, later update with new password.Alteryx Comment1.PNG

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IS there a way to update the password automatically ?