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Workflow Dependencies

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Hi, I have two alteryx workflows scheduled presently in alteryx gallery. One is to create yxdb file and another workflow uses this yxdb input to perform all data preparations and generating report thro alteryx. I have kept sufficient time lag between these two workflows refresh but would like to know if there is an option which can be used to set dependency like when yxdb workflow will get refreshed then only next workflow will trigger for refresh. Please let me know your inputs. Thanks.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

You might want to checkout CReW macros at where you can LINK the workflows together on the conditional completion of workflow #1.


It is possible to use a DIRECTORY tool for the input to job #2 and look to see if the WRITE/UPDATE date is today.  If it is, then read the data else end the job.  You could set this job to run "hourly".


This technique is useful for reading directories and collecting new data for update.

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8 - Asteroid

Hi   I would like to implement this using tools Available as part of Alteryx product. I have one workflow which generates yxdb file and another workflow uses this yxdb file as input to perform all data manipulations etc. So if yxdb file fails then don't want to run another workflow which is scheduled. I could not understand your solution using DIRECTORY tool. could you pls post sample workflow? Thanks.


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We have the same use case . This is a basic needed functionality.