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What is the difference between 'districts' and 'collections'?

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The terms can be a bit confusing at times.  Here is an explanation, sorry if it is lengthy...

As a developer of workflows/apps/macros (i'll refer to as just workflows from now on) in a gallery, you are an artisan.  An artisan can save workflows to the gallery and when they do that, they go directly into their private studio.  The workflows in that private studio can only be seen, run and modified by other members of that studio.  Some companies have multiple people in a studio for collaboration, other companies have one person per studio.  this is up to the admin to determine how they setup studios.


When an artisan wants to share workflows with others (who are not in the same studio), they have two ways to do this.  One is by placing it into the "Company's Gallery" and the other is by putting it into a Collection.


By placing it in to the Company'g Gallery, it is made available to anyone who has access to the gallery.  It will show up on the home page and can be accessed from there.  There is no permissioning behind it beyond whomever has access to the gallery.  Those public workflows can be placed into Districts which are pretty much like folders for organizing workflows.  This is done through tagging of the workflows.  So any workflows that are in a District, are publicly available workflows but Districts can help with organization when you have a lot of workflows in your gallery.


Collections are created by artisans in studios who want to share workflows with others but want to selectively chose who should have access to them.  they can share multiple workflows in a collection and have multiple users accessing them but the folks accessing are selectively permissioned to do so.


Hope that explains it clearly.

I think this training may also be helpful -


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@Dynamomo  Thanks you so much for the detailed explanation.   Do you have any reference to manage collections?   My colleague has created a collection,  now I want to put my workflow in it.

I replaced my subscription key with my colleague subscription key. Now I am able to see his private studio and his collection, but not able to save new workflows into that collection. Any idea on this?

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Have your colleague add you as an admin for his studio amd you'll be able to add workflows to it. If he goes to the collection, clicks on the users tab and clicks on the box under admin you will be added. I am writing this from memory as I'm on my smartphone so directions might be a little different but close. Let me know how it goes.
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Yes, my colleague added me as an admin in users tab of the collection, but still no luck, I am not able to add new apps to his collection. 

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So, when you are in the same studio as your colleague and you try to share an app to the collection by going to the private studio, selecting the app, then selecting Sharing->Add to Collection... and his collection does not appear in the Choose Existing Collection?  If this is the case, I would probably contact so they can walk you through the issue.



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This is a great explanation of the differences between 'collections' and 'districts'.  The 'districts' view and the ability to add clean descriptions would be well served in the 'collections' arena as well.  'Collections', at least today, is shows just a simple spreadsheet-like view.  Has there been any thought of enhancing 'collections' to allow the better visualizations available in 'districts'?