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User input in server to be used in workflow

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Hi everybody!


I previously worked at another company where we had an Alteryx server that allowed users to select options which were then used as inputs for calculations in the workflow.


Im trying to set up something similar although for a different application, the process in my mind is as follows:


1) Users select options in the server via drop downs or text inputs

2) Inputs are then accepted by the workflow and used to modify data in a sql server data base


My questions are:

1) How do you configure this in Alteryx Server so that users can enter inputs?

2) Which actions should i use in the alteryx workflow to interact with the server & to accept the inputs?


Thanks and I would appreciate any help or guidance.


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @troye219 




1 - This is not one option that you configure in the server, this is one feature that you use directly on the alteryx designer when you develop the workflow. You need to use the interface tools. You can find some more information here:



2 - As I said above, you will need to use the Interface tools. Text box, dropbox, list box, and others. 




Carlos A Teixeira
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Thanks Carlos, this is very helpful