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Upgrading Alteryx server from v11.7 to v2018.2 for SSO implementation


Hi All,


We will be upgrading our Alteryx server soon. Hence i wanted to clarify some doubts and they are listed below:


1) Is it true i have to get a new license number for upgrade also as the licensing has changed after v11.7, as i had seen in another post?


2) Do i need to manually stop jobs which are scheduled to run before the upgrade and then restart it once the same has been completed?


3) We are doing SSO implementation through SAML authentication for some requirement hence the server upgrade; currently we are using built-in authentication for accessing the server and we use gallery very less eventhough it is enabled and most of the time are creating workflows for ETL and reporting puposes. Intially my id will be mapped for SSO for the requirement and others will still be using the old authentication method. We access the server through RDP. I know that changing the authentication method might affect the connectivity.


In this scenario is it possible to disable SSO for other users to log in using built-in authentication once SSO has been enabled? If you could list the steps to disable SSO it will be great.


Please advise.






Hi @surankumars,


Thank you for the post! To answer your questions:


1) Yes. Version 11.8 or newer uses a new licensing system so you definitely need to get a new license key for 2018.2. You can reach out to your AE or our Fulfillment team at to get the new license key.


2) Yes. You will need to stop Alteryx Service before you can upgrade.


3) Unfortunately, there's no way to setup where certain users login using built-in and others use SSO. It's either the entire user base uses SSO or build-in. 


Hope this helps! 

Eddie Wong
Customer Support Engineer

Hi Eddie,


Sorry for the delayed reply as i saw your post today only.


Thanks a lot for your response.


Meanwhile we had upgraded our Alteryx server. Only the SSO implementation in Production environment is pending.