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Unable to add workflow to Alteryx server schedulerGUI after upgrade from 2019.4 to 2020.03

After upgrading server from 2019.4 to 2020.03.09 despite access rights we are unable to add any new workflow from Alteryx GUI.


There is missing step - missing popup\window, when normally user can make a selection how the flow should run:  from it's original location or from Scheduler Db. After selecting workflow popup disappears, so there is no option to add any new schedule.


All flows that were scheduled before upgrade (so in 2019.4) are available so this is related to adding new entries.


Troubleshooting performed:


1. Changed application service "log on as" to service account

2. Removed locks in Mongo Db

3. Performed Mongo db repair

4. Changed permissions to Crypto Machine Keys, ensured  that svc have Full Control to 

5. Verified Gallery, workflow can be scheduled in Gallery but not in GUI

5. Verified Mongo Db version: 4.0


There are no error messages in service logs, event viewer, gallery logs.


Could you help us how this can be resolved ?


Thank you in advance





Hi @RadoslawBlazejczyk,


This is a known defect in 2020.3 and has been assigned defect #DE27805.  


The workaround for this issue is to open the workflow you want to schedule and schedule it by going to Options > Schedule Workflow. 


Another option you can try, is to install a second version of Designer on your machine where this issue does not occur.  You are allowed to install both an admin and a user version on a single machine.  If you're using Designer in conjunction with Alteryx Server, make sure the versions of Designer you're using are of an equal or lesser version that the Alteryx Server version.