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Text Box input not encrypted for passwords in MongoDB AS_Queue WizardValues

7 - Meteor

I have an Analytical App that uses an Input Data tool to run a database query.  The Input Data tool uses a connection string which includes credentials.  I want my end user to run the App on our Gallery, but I want them to enter their credentials which will then pass to the Input Data tool and be used to run the query.


I successfully built a sample App that collects the credentials using 2 Text Box tools (one for ID, one for password.)  In the Text Box tool I'm using for the password, I have selected the check box for "Mask Text (for Passwords)".  This works great!  I can publish this to our Gallery and run it, entering credentials when prompted.  So far so good.


HOWEVER, then I went digging in the MongoDB.  In the AlteryxService database, collection AS_Queue, if I use the ServiceDataParse macro to unpack the ServiceData field...  the password entered through the Text Box tool is stored in plain text in the WizardValues field.


THIS IS A PROBLEM.  Please tell me I'm missing something!  How can I pass credentials to an Input Tool and keep that password from being stored anywhere unencrypted??  Self-service analytics was one of our major selling points for getting Server, but I can't in good faith recommend my Designers publish workflows with their credentials included for others to run on demand if I have no way to validate those users' credentials against the data sources.


Appreciate your help!

7 - Meteor

Hey @MatthewO, I ran into the same issue as OP and I think DCM will work for us. To test, I'm looking at something almost exactly what you have in your screenshot above, but I am having some trouble determining what attribute the Update Action should be updating.  Would it be possible for you to share how you have your Action Tool configured?



7 - Meteor

Disregard, I was able to get it to work as shown above. I was just running a older version of the workflow when I was initially testing. Oops!


When I ran the right workflow it worked as intended.