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System setting - Allow Server to Manage Workflows Running Simultaneously

14 - Magnetar

Can someone explain the factors Alteryx Server considers to determine how many jobs to allow simultaneously?



I've enabled this on various environments (v2022.1) and it seems to always only allow 1 at a time even when the available resources when something is running are more than sufficient to start another job. I also noticed that the wait time in queue increases significantly, which I assume is because it's running its algorithm, even when the queue is empty.


Help page doesn't provide much help and it seems like there should be some technical explanation on how it governs this setting to allow admins to evaluate and resize the systems resources to allow it to push more sim. jobs.



14 - Magnetar

How many cores and memory do you have on those environments you tested? I am guessing that it will allow more than one job at a time if you double the amount stated in system requirements documentation.

14 - Magnetar

All have been a 4 core (between 4-8 logical) and RAM ranged between 16 and 64GB. What you mentioned could be the reason, but that's the purpose of my question is to know exactly what those factors are.


Ultimately, I'd like to be prepared to answer if a customer asks me this question with something other than an assumption.