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Simple App problem


I have a very simple app that allows the user to choose a fiscal quarter from a list of 3 options. It then displays the fiscal year, fiscal quarter and the number of week in the fiscal quarter. The output of the App is the browse tool. This works fine on Alteryx Designer:



On Server I get to select the quarter from the drop-down list but the workflow does not display the browse tool output when it finishes.




We are running server and designer on 2019.3.


Any ideas?


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @wwatson 


The Browse tool doesn't output results on Server.

You may try to use the Render Tool and display it as .pcxml file. This would work.



Thank you for the response.

I made the render tool the App output and got something approximating to what I expected from the Browse.

Very clunky alternative to what works in designer though.

I find the limitations of Apps in Server compared to Designer very disappointing.