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Shared Drive (NAS) connection

7 - Meteor

Hi all: 


Quick question... for a connection from Alteryx Server to a NAS drive, do you use a NFS connection or CIFS connection?


IT is throwing me this question and I have no clue what the benefits and drawbacks to each option.




Hi @Vernon, in general, a Windows Server can connect to both types, provided they are accessible to the machine where Alteryx Server is installed can access. Is there data on either/both that will be used with workflows that will be run on Alteryx Server?


For a more specific answer, NFS connections are used with Unix or Linux systems, and CIFS are Windows based. Windows can connect to NFS, but by default, support for NFS is not switched on. NFS has to be switched on in order for that machine to connect to a NFS share. Here's some articles about both CIFS and NFS, and also enabling support for NFS in Win Server.


Good general article about both -


And some "how-to's" - generally, for your IT counterparts, but including them here for info: