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Salesforce Input on Alteryx Server Error

11 - Bolide

Good morning community, I am currently trying to load a workflow onto our Alteryx server that has a salesforce input tool within the workflow; however, I receive this error when I do so. Does anyone know why this might be happening?



7 - Meteor

Good morning @JoBen 


I am receiving the same error, and have escalated to Support.  The current hypothesis is that the encryption method changed between Server and Designer, so that  when you publish your workflows up to  Server the SFDC Connector breaks.  We have found that you can open published Workflows on Server running Designer in Admin mode (on Server), and run them from there, but this is definitely not an ideal situation.  Just don't bother to validate the workflows on upload...won't work.



11 - Bolide

Thanks for the assistance @JWeissman! I'll go ahead and escalate to support as well. Cheers!

6 - Meteoroid

Hi @JoBen,


I'm having the exact issue when trying to publish or run a workflow with a Salesforce Input tool on the server. Did Alteryx support give you any workaround or solution yet?


Thank you much.



7 - Meteor

Another workaround is using the SalesForce Depreciated connector.

Under the Connectors tab,  right clicking in the tool bar and select "show depreciated tools".


This version is not as user friendly but at least it runs on Alteryx server.

In my case, it will still give you an error when publishing to the server, but once you run the workflow on the server it works perfectly.


5 - Atom

I am using the deprecated version which seems to work fine on server but it cannot see all the tables.

I am missing a table called 'Opportunity Product'. Anyone else have this issue?

Also any idea when the latest version might work on Server?

7 - Meteor

I have noticed that some of the new objects/functionalities within SFDC are not visible with that tool (e.g Territory Management).


But if it is a custom object, check with your SFDC IT admin to make sure you have all the permissions you need to connect that project with your username.

I ran into a few permission issues on my side in the past. I am now set up as an integration users, meaning I see it all 🙂


Hope that helps?