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Retrieve Schedule Id within app, while app is running in its schedule on Alteryx 11.0

7 - Meteor



I have been trying to find ways of querying Alteryx's internal MongoDB to retrieve schedule id of an app from within the same app.


Lets say if I were to publish App A in Gallery and schedule it to run on Monday 9 AM EST.
On querying the AlteryxService database AS_Schedules table, I see a schedule_id for example '5fffABC' is assigned for that particular schedule.
And on Monday 9 AM when the app runs as per schedule, is it possible from within the app to find out, if it is being run based on the schedule_id '5fffABC'.


In the AS_Queue table the service_data field can be parsed and a schedule_id can be retrieved, but how does the app know that it is currently running based on which schedule.
Is there any field or table where this information can be retrieved by the app that is currently running?


Sorry, if I am not clear enough with the problem description. I will try to explain with some screenshots if need be.


7 - Meteor

Based on my understanding of your query -

1.You can use Alteryx designer application - Connect to the controller with the token -  View Schedules option and queue tab for observing canvases running live. However, sometimes the canvases maybe processing fast, and you may not be able to catch it, results tab can then be leveraged to see the results and corresponding details.

2. The As_Queue table could potentially be leveraged to monitor the schedules live, a combination of Tableau (V 10.3 or above) and Mongo DB BI connector( may help you achieve this and thus have a live feed of your queue (we are still getting around this, due to the BI connector dependency - will let you know as we progress)

3. Another way is to have a canvas for monitoring queue, we had the Alteryx folks help us build one - currently it takes about 30 mins to run, so data isn't real time - we could leverage 3rd party schedulers - e.g. autosys for this (we are are trying to implement this as well - will let you know as we progress)

5 - Atom

Hi Deeksha,


I am trying to trigger the Alterys job through a third party scheduler Autosys to make it event based rather then time based as in Alteryx schedler.


I am trying to have .bat files with commands needed to run from the server, but the problem for me is not able to specify a path as the file is stored in Mongo db.


i saw the below post is similar and just wanted to see if you were able to get any way in scheduling through Autosys.




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Hi Deeksha,


Were you able to implement Autosys for orchestration of Alteryx workflows? I am working on a similar effort currently. Could you share some insights on this process?