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Restore mongo error: unable to restore admin db


We have taken backup of Alteryx mongo infra (one collection at a time) from dbs: admin,AlteryxGallery, AlteryxGallery_Lucene and Alteryx Service.

Restoring collections from AlteryxGallery, AlteryxGallery_Lucene and Alteryx Service were straight forward.

But we face below error when we try to restore collections admin db.

Failed : the users and role collections in the dump have an incompatible auth version with target server : cannot restore users of auth version 1 to a server of auth version 5.

While the gallery loads, user is prompted to enter credentials when gallery is opened in browser. But the user is logged out of the gallery as soon as the credentials are entered. This continues without allowing the user to access canvases in gallery.

Any idea what is causing this behavior ? 


cc: @SeanAdams @KevinP @patrick_digan @dataMack @Hollingsworth @SteveA 


@JPoz ; @MichaelP ; @TanyaS 


Is there any guide available for restoring an Alteryx server to full functionality from a backup?


Reason being that we're not sure if we should be restoring every collection; a subset etc?


Not sure if I understand exactly the procedure being implemented here, but the first thing I would look at is whether the RuntimeSettings are set the same. If the Alteryx Server was set up to run on Windows AD authentication previously, and the System Settings haven't been configured to Windows AD, then the users will not be properly accessible. The System Settings information is stored in the RuntimeSettings.xml file in ProgramData.


Again, not sure if I understand the process with backing up individual collections one at a time rather than the method here.


Hey @KaneG ,


The procedure for backing up Mongo that @KevinP used in his article relies on taking down the Alteryx server - given the size of our user base and the global nature of our business, we needed to take an online backup (we can't just drop the production server) and this was timing out, so the advice from Alteryx Support and other folk was to back up one collection at a time.


Once we did this - we then did a restore of the Mongo DB in a clean env, and now we're working through how to restore the users; entitlements; permissions; asset ownership etc.

(again - we can't manually re-create these in the case of a recovery scenario, so we need to include these in the recovery procedure).





Ah right, gotcha, so I didn't understand that... and I'm not sure of that process... I do advise checking the Runtimesettings.xml file though to make sure that is the same