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Report on usageReports collection in AlteryxGallery Database

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

So I found this post which clears up a couple of questions that I had but there are still a few mysteries that are bugging me:

Hoping maybe @PaulN can come in and save the day again.




Some of the rows that begin with 0 or 10 (which indicate a workflow run depending on your version) have a value like this for the [Data] column:



I see that these rows where the JSON begins with SampleModule are filtered out in the Alteryx Server Usage report. Why are these records filtered out and what do they mean?




What does the column [Preview] mean?




What does [UserID] connect to? Is there a way besides email address in the serial number to connect a run on Designer back to a user on Gallery if they have a Gallery account?