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Problem Loading App Unknown error. TypeLoadException


I'm getting an unknown error when I try to run a newly published App in our Gallery. It runs fine as an app on my desktop, and when I log into the server and run it in designer there, it runs fine.

When I publish it to the Gallery, it passes validation and is saved without error.

However, when I navigate to the app in my studio and click "Run", the Interface does not load and I get the error below. 

I've tried copying all the tools into a fresh workflow, but see the same behavior.


Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Alteryx Version: 


Error Text:

Problem Loading App

Unknown error. TypeLoadException RequestID: 525b6ca66b154056ab8957be851d03e5

Never mind. I had a Folder Browse tool in the App.

It would be nice if we got something other than an Unknown Error when publishing or running an app with a tool that isn't compatible with the Gallery.


Hi Todd, how exactly did you resolve this error? I'm getting the same thing and don't know how to resolve.