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Prioritizing jobs on Server kicked off via Run Command tool

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We have a daily refresh of a couple hundred workflows on server, most of which are dependent upon other workflows having completed first.  Every 5 minutes we run our "orchestrator" that evaluates which workflows haven't been run (or queue'd) yet AND which have their starting conditions met; it then kicks off those jobs via the Run Command tool.


Is there a way to indicate priority for workflows run this way, perhaps with a command argument?  There are certain jobs I'd like to put at the front of the queue when they're ready.


If not, I think as a workaround I can schedule them via Gallery (per the link below); my preference, though, would be to incorporate this prioritization in to the existing framework we have.



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Have you tried calling the workflows using the API? I have seen the setting for priority available.

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Thanks, that's what I ended up doing.