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PRODUCT ISSUE: "Update Rows" option is not available with Oracle DB?

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I have a fairly extensive workflow with two layers of batch macros that make use of In-DB nodes in order to dynamically adjust my database connection strings based on the DB (Dev / Test / Prod) that I need to use. Previously I had used batch macros with standard Input and Output connections, which worked fine on my local machine but errored out on Server.


So I re-did the whole thing (7 DB connections) using the In-DB nodes.  However, I just noted that the "Update Rows" option in the Write Data In-DB node does not appear to be supported with (.oci) connections to Oracle Databases.  Please let me know if am mistaken here, but if I'm correct this appears to be a key functional deficiency. 


This is a big deal for me as I have 25 workflows that together have nearly 100 unique DB connections that all need to be manually adjusted when moving between environments. I had hoped the Control Param /  Action Node / In-DB connection using (.indbc) files was the solution, but the gap I've noted above just put the kybosh on the whole thing.


Please confirm this limitation in the Write Data In-DB and if so, advise when this feature can be added.

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Meant to include this. I noted that a previous post describes the same issue and Nick C. at Alteryx was going to look into this. No update from Nick after that.


Hi @PaulFields2,



Here is an extract from the documentation: https://help.alteryx.com/20213/designer/write-data-db-tool


Update/Delete is currently only supported for SQL Server ODBC connections.


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I can see this one is already existing, so you can vote to increase visibility. I did it as well to support this!