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Output Tool File Path not working

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We published an app to our gallery. When we try to run it on the gallery ( our app contains an output tool with an absolute file path to our shared server) the output never is written to our directory. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


Apologies if it is obvious, I'm pretty new to using the gallery. 

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Hey @nordmaeo 


Couple of questions, when you say absolute do you mean its F:\ or \\xxx.xx.xx.xx? When using the gallery all file paths should be UNC (unless you have mapped the drives on the server to the same drives as your local machine)


Does your server have permission to read/write to the shared location?


I echo @LordNeilLord The best practice is to be using UNC paths to prevent having to map drives letters on the server the way it was on the machine where the workflow was designed.


Now on the server side there is a RUN AS USER to configure. It is optional. By default (if left blank) we use the windows System built in user. That user typically doesn't have access to shared folders and networks ressources. You need to add a RUN AS user. It is a Service Account (AD user) that does have access to these shared folders. 


On the desktop of the windows server where Alteryx server was installed, you will see a shortcut "Alteryx System Settings". You need to start this tool to be able to change the Run as setting. It will restart your Alteryx service.