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Output Node idles when DB connection string set by Control Param through Action Node

8 - Asteroid

I have a workflow that have recently updated with a macro to set environment-specific DB connection strings, using a Control Param and Action node (pictured below).  This is handy when porting to Alteryx Server, but the output node now seems to be idling when saving to the DB. Previously it would save ~700 records in 30 seconds, but now it takes over two minutes. My Oracle DBA watch the transactions in real time, and said that the connection seems to idle for about 90 seconds, then completes its transaction.


This idling occurs between the messages (below) that I am sending out to Designer, one before the first record is written, and one after the last record is written. The idling definitely occurs between these two messages.  I have instances where I'll be handling ~10,000 records or more, so this time delay could be really significant.  Just for fun I slimmed down my file set to just 7 records, and it ran as quickly as before.  This makes me wonder if there's some buffering that takes place based on a volume threshold, but I haven't found anything in the documentation.


Any ideas are much appreciated!