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Nothing happens with UNC when checking workflow dependencies with in-db tool.

Alteryx Partner

I have a workflow with which I created an in-db connections using the .indbc file method. I tested it on the desktop and the connection works and runs fine.

When I migrate to the server, I get an error message. I checked the workflow dependencies and cycling through the options there, absolute, relative and UNC, nothing happens when I press UNC and so when I test, I get an error message.


Does anyone know why nothing happens when UNC is pressed?


Would a better route be to have the Alteryx Server admin save the .indbc file to a location on the server machine and we reference that instead? Looking for workable solutions. Thanks. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @wale_ilori,


What error message are you receiving?


The UNC option is when your asset is stored in a network share location. It's common that the network assets were added to your workflow through a mapped drive, which retains the letter mapping. The UNC button will convert the file path reference to it's actual network location because the server has no idea what a Q: mapped drive is referring to (for example). If it didn't do anything, I would assume that the asset is locally stored on your computers disk.


Outside of that, for your .indbc file does need to be included as an asset when you publish to your server.



Even if you do this all correctly, it's still not 100% that it'll work in the server as it does locally. This is when you'd need to connect with your server admin to make sure that the server has the required database drivers and/or ODBC configurations in order for the server to properly interpret your connection string.


Hope this helps!



Alteryx Partner

Thanks @jrgo


I think after tinkering about with it I got the first part of your response. The second part of your answer is where I want to dwell.


I packaged the .indbc file but get the error message that I get seems to stem from when I save to the gallery. Even though I see the externals\ etc it still looks like its still on my c drive so I get the Error SQLDriverConnect. [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. message.


The indbc file was created using SQL's driver 10 though I have both on my machine but only 10 on the server.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @wale_ilori,


When you package it, it doesn't remove the .indbc file from where you originally stored it, but creates a copy and stores it in that externals\etc folder for packaging/publishing.


The error message you're getting suggests that the you created your InDB connection referencing an ODBC connection you created on your own machine. The DSN (Data Source Name) you gave it does not exist on your server.



Depending on the DB platform you're connecting to, it may be possible to create a direct connection string (e.g. OleDB, OCI) that would not be dependent on matching up ODBC DSN's on both environments, but if this is the only way possible for you to connect to your DB, you'll need to align with your Alteryx Server admin and create these connections that match your configs or see what DSN's are already configured on the server so you can alter your local configs to match the server.


It's not a clear-cut fix nor is it an issue that you'll only see with Alteryx. This is something very common with any application that allows local and server side processing. But with the help of your DBA/system admins, they should be able to suggest the best way to configure your Alteryx connections so that they play nice on both location.