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Network Drive has "Invalid Directory" error when saving to a private gallery

10 - Fireball

I have a workflow that uses the Directory tool to reference a Network Drive (NTFS). The workflow was built on our server box. It runs successfully in Designer but when I save to our private gallery I receive the error message "Invalid Directory [...] The system cannot find the path specified". I've been scouring the community for about a day and cannot find a resolution. Hoping someone out there has worked through this. I have tried the following without a resolution.

  • Change the path to UNC in workflow dependencies
  • Validated the credentials on the server Admin page are the same as the user credentials used in Designer
    • Attempted to save the workflow with the "Set workflow credentials" option
  • Changed the server configuration to "Run As" the user credentials. Also turned off the "Run As" option.
    • Ensured the user could "Log on as a batch job"
  • Changed the Alteryx Service to log on as the user credentials
    • Reverted and tested again using Local System

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12 - Quasar

Hi @morr-co --


While I cannot be certain, people typically don't want to use the same credentials on the server as what you log in as on their desktop. However, there could be a firewall issue happening. Is the server on the same vlan, or is it housed in a datacenter somewhere? It was not an issue for us, but I can see there may be being a security issue.


Let me know!