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Installed Tableau Starter Kit on Servers

7 - Meteor

Hi,,hoping you can help me. 

I have a  three node environment where two of the nodes are just workers.  I installed Tableau Starter kit on all three servers.  I'm not sure that it installed correctly and I'm hoping someone can help me.  

I downloaded from the download sit and put the executable on each server.  Starting with the worker nodes, I installed as Administrator the second option of "Designer is already installed".  Went through the steps, and when I clicked finish, Alteryx errored and said "Can't Find File".  I unchecked the open designer, and clicked finish again, and I eventually got a message that Alteryx Installer is not responding.  

How can I tell if the Tableau Starter Kit installed correctly?


Thanks in Advance


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Could you open Alteryx designer on the three servers and search for one of the tools that exists within the starter kit. If none appear then I'd suggest it hasn't installed properly.



7 - Meteor

Hi Ben

I opened the Alteryx on each of the servers, and saw the Tableau tools were indeed on the servers.


Thanks so much!!!



7 - Meteor

My upgrade to 2018.1 has:

  1. Lost half the space in the graphical SQL window - making it impossible to work with the SQL in graphical form.
  2. Macros which I created no longer work under 2018.1 - Error: " Designer x64 The Designer x64 reported: AlteryxProcessManager::Start: ConnectNamedPipe: Error in ConnectNamedPipe The pipe is being closed. "


So, downgrading is the only option to get some functionality back.


Hi @Mark2,


Have you reached out to support to troubleshoot your issues?  If you can kindly shoot us an email at support@alteryx.com we can assist you and take a look at your issues.



Jess Silveri
Manager, Technical Account Management | Alteryx