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Install Designer & Scheduler for windows server


Hi All, 


I would like to install and configure Alteryx Designer + Scheduler  for my project(Have licence)  .

Could some guide me the process of installation in details.

I am new to this have few questions in my mind......

1) Do we need to download Designer and Scheduler separately ?

2) If point 1 is Yes then which one need to install 1st .

3) Or we have only one download for both designer and scheduler ?


If some one provide detail steps it will be really help full.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @jgaddam


I'm pretty sure they're bundled in the same package, it's just your licence key that defines whether you can use it or not. There is an article about it here:


You mentioned that you want to install it on a server? I think you need a server licence key to do this



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