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How to schedule analytics apps with questions in galllery


Hi all experts,


I have a quick question - how can i schedule analytics apps in the gallery with questions prompt up for users to fill in?



When i click "Run" then the Questions will appear, however when i try to schedule the same workflow; questions will not appear.











When you click on "Run", you see a prompt to enter values if your workflow is an analytics app and when you "Schedule", you do not see a prompt to enter value should be the correct operation.

The reason for that is because "Scheduling" runs at Schedule without having to wait for inputs from the end users. 

If you plan to build Analytics Apps where users get prompted every time, then the "Schedule" button should be removed from Gallery for that specific user.


I hope this help,



Hi Judy, thanks for the prompt response. However, i am looking for the "Questions" to be prompt for the first time for user to input the necessary information instead of the "Questions" keep appear for each schedule.


We are trying to accomplish the same thing.  The app we have accesses one of our databases with a long-ish running query, and wanted to see if we could schedule it so the output would be ready when we got into work.  Pre-filling a scheduled app would save the time of having to wait for the query to run.  


Agree this would be useful.  Any of the other ETL tools that have a scheduler - if there are parameters, they are allowed to be entered whether running on demand or by schedule.  And if you're scheduling, you're setting the questions/parameters once, then every time it runs, uses those entries.  Great for parameterization across environments, etc.