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How to pass a filename to an input tool from API

7 - Meteor

Hello community,

I'm actually working with the API on alteryx server so i created an application that takes a filename as a parameter and launches a process into a macro (look at the screenshot below):



This processing consists of creating a table in a database so i added a control parameter inside the macro with this configuration :


I published this version on the server and I tried to pass a file name as parameter :




and it showed me this error message knowing that I have access to this directory and when I run it without API it works fine.




Please let me know how to do it.

Thank you.


14 - Magnetar

What is the account that you use when you run it manually? It seems that the default run as account does not have access to that folder.

7 - Meteor

The same account 

7 - Meteor

We have run into the same issue. Using a text box to update a directory tool. The flow works on Designer, through the Server UI, but for some reason when queued by the API it fails and is not able to access the folder. We generally run all of our flows from Alteryx as admin so that folder access is not restricted. Does anyone know if the API has a separate flag to run as admin? The workflow is set to always run as admin on default.

12 - Quasar

If you have an admin credential created in gallery, there is a credentialID you can use to run the workflow using that credential.

I use it on a V2 endpoint to run flows as admin so I dont run into any permission issues, not sure if it works on V1 but its worth a shot.



7 - Meteor



I just made it work by changing the annotation in the text box and switching to the swagger V2.


Thank you.