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How to manage workflows/assets of users who left the Company

7 - Meteor

Hello All Server Admins, I want to know what usually is best practice followed in your Organizations when users leave the company .


We have several workflows created by users how no longer are with company. May of them running on schedules.

Alteryx Servers uses AD authentication. Now Alteryx does not disable workflows/ schedules when someone left the company. Schedules created by those users continue to run.


Now it is not easy to track are schedules still needed, so we have chance that some of the schedules are just running because no one is tracking them.


I can see two options out from here:

1) Identify alternate workflow owner. Have him access to workflows so that he can download and then republish so that schedules are run with new owner.

2) Continue running -- This is definitely not ideal.

3) Need to check other practices 


Do suggest. Thanks!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @nishant_saxena ,


It really depends how your Alteryx server is structured, but Alteryx server currently have a option to share schedules within a studio, that way other users can manage the schedules from another user.


Also, the gallery admin has the jobs page where it is possible to delete schedules.


I would suggest you to create a process for the users to add schedules workflows to collections and to share the schedules there, that way, all users inside the collection will be able to manage it.


A quick fix for your current problem would be to add a user to the studio (with the share schedules to a subscription enabled), to add all workflows to a collection and share all schedules there.



Fernando Vizcaino