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How to make workflows run consecutively like a pipeline in alteryx gallery?

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I have a question in case of there are workflows a,b,c and run in  like


a -> b ->c  like a pipeline workflow .


I search the options how to make it run workflows like that in Alteryx Gallery with only trigger a workflow a and it should run  b when a is complete and c accrodingly.


So far I try

1. create Analytic Chain App : Chained Alteryx Analytic Applications - Alteryx Community 

This can be done but I having trouble since it need require user prompt go to the next step in each one.  ( Since I would like to trigger once on a. It should automate trigger b and c accordingly)


2. Using Event to trigger workflow: Still in progress but I am having trouble set it up


3. just upload 3 workflow separately and set 3 schedule jobs closely. The job can be done but I don't think it's ideal that when workflow required multiple workflow


and there some ways I didn't try yet


-  create batch command line and trigger workflows based on cmd  [This one works with Alteryx Designer with scheduling ]

- group workflow in macro ( macro a, b, and c) then create workflow that run macro a- > b -> c


I would like your opinions which way is most suitable to set schedule job running pipeline workflows like I descripe?







My preferred way of tacking this is a batch macro approach - you turn each workflow into a macro as suggested and they will become step in your process. You will create an arbitrary dependency between the steps (control parameter for your batch macro) to ensure that step 2 waits for step 1 to finish before it starts and so on.


An alternative approach would be to use one of the Runner macros from CReW macros however this not something I'd recommend for server deployment as these macros trigger instances of the Alteryx Engine outside of the simultaneous throughput allowed on the server.