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How to chain workflows and Schedule them in Alteryx Server

7 - Meteor

Hi Everyone,


We are building an Alteryx Server and we have a few alteryx workflows that are chained using Crew macros , we have been informed by Alteryx Support that Crew macros are not supported in Alteryx Server and alternate options should be used to chain the workflows.


Chained apps feature cannot be used as my workflow should be scheduled and chained apps feature works only when run manally.

Is there any other efficient way to execute 

15 - Aurora

hey @adendulu 

Depending on the use-case, the Gallery API could be utilised, and you could have at the end of your workflow a call to the api to queue the next workflow to the server. 

You can find the documentation on this here:

My method would by a python tool, to hit the endpoint to queue the next workflow, but there are multiple methods of using the API. 

If you have any other questions give me a shout!

15 - Aurora

I've noticed this comment get a couple of likes recently -awrsome that it is helping people, however as always theres multiple solutions. 


Recently added is the v3 server API tools - I would massively recommend looking into those!