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How to Implement SAML SSO

How to configure the following.

_ Security

– Implement SAML SSO

– Design the security model, create process. Implement security model. Create groups by project / dept / role. Use Groups to grant security, associate groups to specific content

@Nmattaparthi01 We cannot make recommendations or provide guidance regarding best practices or configuration for security, users, groups, roles, etc... within your IDP and/or AD environments. For this information I would highly recommend consulting with you AD administrators and your internal security teams.


For information on implementing/configuring Alteryx Server for SSO via SAML 2.0 please reference the following community articles.


For information on configuring Connect for SSO please reference the following help documentation:


@kevinp Do you know if alteryx supports secureauth as the provider?



@AnilD The only providers we have tested with and documented are PingOne and Okta. However, I am aware of a number of customers successfully utilizing other IDP's, and so far as long as the IDP supports SAML 2.0 and SHA2 based ciphers we have been able to get them working. I am not specifically aware of anyone using secureauth as a provider though. You may also want to keep in mind that the support we can provide for undocumented providers is limited.


Were you able to get SAML to work on Alteryx server?


Did you find a solution?  I'm having the same issue.


@AnilD we have implemented Alteryx using SecureAuth and SSO.


- SP Initiated

- SHA2 Certificate

- SSO enabled

- Attributes: firstName, lastName and email


SAML Consumer URL: https://hosturl/aas/Saml2/Acs

SAML Issuer: SecureAuth URL for Alteryx

SAML Recipient: https://hosturl/aas/Saml2/Acs

SAML Audience: https://hosturl/aas/Saml2





Thank you for the update @simoniit03 

I will test this on my test environment.

I am still hesitant to implement it on our production as Alteryx officially does not support secureauth yet.