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Gallery authentication - failing for all but the default gallery admin


Hi - I wonder if anyone has experienced this workflow authentication issue we have.


We are using Active Directroy as out authentication method but are finding that only the default gallery admin's credential are accepted under the "User must specify their own credentials" method of workflow authentication (required for secure share access for the workflows in question).


All other users receive an "invalid username or password" message from the Run Workflow dialogue within the gallery - eg:





Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



Hi there,
Did you ever solve this? We are facing the same issue.



No not yet actually - Alteryx support did respond with:


"Have a two-way full trust relationship between the domains
Have AlteryxService running with a service account that have permissions on both domains. It should be able to read attributes for CN=Users and CN=Computers."


Currently this is *not* solving the issue and I'm waiting to hear back from them again.



Hi did you resolve this? I have the same issue on a newly built and installed server and gallery.

maybe it's a firewall blocking the authentication?