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Embedding tableau source link in Alteryx app - Alteryx Gallery


1. The alteryx app developed is published in our PROD alteryx gallery and accessed via Alteryx Gallery.

2. The tableau dashboard published in Tableau server is linked to the alteryx workflow by embedding the tableau source code into the alteryx workflow to generate a PCXML file using the 'Dynamic Report Text' macro.

3. Once the workflow run is completed and when tried to open the Tableau PCXML file, page keeps loading and dashboard is not displayed as shown in image 1 of the attachment.

This issue occurs only if the PROD Tableau server, where this dashboard is published is not logged in another browser.

4. If the PROD Tableau server is logged in via another browser tab (marked in red) and when the same Tableau pcxml file is selected, the dashboard is displayed as shown in image 2 of the attachement.


Hence need help on finding a solution where this tableau dashboard is displayed in alteryx gallery without logging into the Tableau server or to display the Tableau server login page in the alteryx gallery.


Interesting setup!  You may want to contact your Tableau support team on this one.  My thought is that if you are using Active Directory for security for both Alteryx and Tableau and your users have permissions to both, then the "log in" experience would be seemeless.


There may be some low level IIS/server type stuff that has to be configured, but that's beyond my understanding- best to engage your server admins and test things out in a sandbox environment,


Hi Jason,


Appreciate your response.

Had raised the issue to Tableau Support team too, but they don't have any answer since this is an issue with the integration of Tableau and Alteryx Gallery and not related only to Tableau.


What type of authentication method is being used for Tableau Server - Local, AD, Kerberos, or SAML?  Also is the screenshot Chrome on Windows or Mac?


Hi All,


Its working fine now without any changes done at our end. 

Could have been some version or integration issues.




I have attached the workflow to implement this and follow the below steps:


1. Pass the last stage of your actual workflow as an input for this part

2. Input the tableau source link into the HTML variable

3. Create an output of .pcxml format

4. The above pcxml file will be generated once the workflow completes via Alteryx gallery. Upon selecting this file in the Alteryx gallery run output, the dashboard will be displayed in the same page.

Hi @Mahadeva


This is a very interesting use case. Could you shed some light on how you are using it? I would like to see if this can be replicated on my side.


I saw the workflow you attached but could not make much out of it, since the pcxml, when opened, just showed some text. 





Transforming data, one bit at a time.


Hi Dheeraj,


This pcxml file generated serves as a link to open the dashboard that is published in tableau server from the Alteryx gallery itself.


The attached alteryx flow generates a pcxml file along with other outputs of the workflow.

Once the workflow is run and completes in Alteryx gallery, all the output files will be generated along with this pcxml.

When you select this pcxml file in the drop down of the results window the dashboard will be opened below in the same page with all the interactivity enabled.


Hence the end user can run the workflow and when it completes, he can see the dashboard within the gallery itself.

Excellent use of PCXML files to improve user experience. Kudos!