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Download Output which is an overwritten excel file after running workflow in Gallery

7 - Meteor

Hi, I created an App which users can choose their files as input.

Then the output is an overwritten excel file which is a template I created and put in my company network drive.


After running the workflow on Gallery, although it said "This workflow produced no output", the output is actually already overwitten by new data. (I open the file from the network drive to check).

What I want is Gallery can promt a button for user to download this output from the Gallery.


I read my previous post and know that there are alternative solution:

- using Table and Render tool (but it will lost all my complex conditional formating in the template excel file which Render couldn't do)

- saving as .yxdb file (still does not match my need for an overwritten excel file as output)




Anyone has a concrete solution for this? 


Thank you very much in advance.