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Deleting Workflows from Scheduler en masse


We had a workflow that ran on a constant loop for 4 days. It would run and if a file wasn't found, it would then automatically schedule the same workflow again (using the Command Tool and AlteryxService.exe). Unfortunately, no one noticed that this was running on a constant loop and now we have 464,811 workflows showing in the Workflows (if you go, via Designer, to 'Options' --> 'View Schedules'). These do not get removed via the system persistence settings.


I can delete them via the 'View Schedules'  but it only shows 500 per page (and therefore I have 929 pages to go through).


Is there anyway of deleting these programmatically (i.e. using something like Robo 3T)? Or even if I could get the 'View Schedules' to show more.


Anyone have any suggestions.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Yuck.  I'd go the Robo 3T route (backup first!).





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