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Delete .bat file from temp location in Server




Does anyone know how to delete a .bat file from the Server's staging location using Run Command? Long story short, we have dynamically created a .bat file to identify a user's home directory using Run Command. We are using the temp/staging file location to prevent conflict if two users run the workflow at the same time. The issue is that the dynamically created .bat file appears in the Servers output results, and it is always the first result presented meaning we can't show workflow summary results using a pcxml output first.


The .bat does not appear in the output interface options to deselect.


We were thinking of using a second Run Command with a static .bat file to delete the dynamic .bat in the temp location but have not got this to work. Does anyone know how to reference a file in the temp location or is there another way to suppress the dynamic .bat from appearing in the Server results.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Have you tried using the directory tool pointed at that temp directory (maybe 1 or 2 levels up)? then filter the results to anything that ends with .bat? Not sure if I am correctly understanding your issue but maybe that works!