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Database Credentials in Alteryx Gallery 10.6

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I am using Alteryx Gallery 10.6 and running tests using database connections. 

My question is around a database connection; say, for instance, I have published a workflow connecting to Microsoft SQL using the OleDB connection. This OleDB connection is using my Windows credentials to login. So this works perfectly on Designer as it's on my machine and I have access. Awesome.


So naturally, when I upload it to the Gallery with "User is not required..", the workflow fails as it tries to use the Server machine's Windows login.

If I select "User must specify own", the issue I face is that when I login using my Windows credentials on the Gallery, I get "Nonce not found" as the error.


I have spoken to my DBA, and he assures me that I would be able to login to the SQL Server with my Windows credentials. Is there any way for me to make this work?


The objective, finally, is the to be able to ensure that people who don't have access to the database aren't able to run the workflow. Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance.




This nonce error when attempting to utilize or save credentials in Gallery usually occurs due to a permissions issue between the service and the encryption key used to encrypt the user credentials in the database. We have seen the issue occur in 10.6 when the AlteryxService on the server is set to run as a user account other then the Local System account. You can also validate this issue by checking the logs for an encryption related error message. To correct the issue the service account will need to be given full control over the needed encryption key on the server. The particular key in question can usually be found in:




To identify which key needs to have its permissions updated you will need to look inside the key files for 'AlteryxEncryptedStorage'. This should appear near the top of the file in the first line or two. Once you have identified the correct key update the permissions so that the service account has full control over the file and restart the service. This should correct the errors you are encountering.


Alternatively, you can run the service with the Local System account which is the default and recommended configuration. The Local System account will already have all needed permissions for this encryption key, and as such you won't encounter this issue. If you do decide to use this configuration you will likely need to set the Run As user in system settings to ensure workflows run from Scheduler or from Gallery without credentials have access to an needed network resources.

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We had this issue recently when trying to run any workflow in our UAT environment.


It was resolved by regenerating the Runtimesetting.xml file.


1. Stopped Alteryx service
2. Renamed current Runtime setting file to Runtimesetting.old.xml or by taking backup
3. Re started the Alteryx system settings to regenerate the Runtimesettings.xml