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Command Tool Defect/Bug

7 - Meteor

So i am currently working on a project where i upload bulk files to the third party thru api calls. Ive decided to upload via curl with their rest api using the command tool. The call cant accomodate more than 5 api calls per sec so i have to put some delay. I use timeout and/or ping to do delays. It works perfectly in the designer but not in the server.

Out of frustration i tried every scenario i could and i stumbled with a weird solution. I added a csv output in the end of the app and it works. I tried yxdb but it didnt work. I think it is not designed to work this way.



How are you adding a pause to the workflow? is it integrated onto the batch script or is it a run command tool integrated onto the workflow?

If its on the batch script one thing we could try is to add a run command on the workflow itself that does that "pause" it would look something like this