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Chained Application and Temporary File Creation in Gallery

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Hello everyone,


We are encountering issues in creating a temporary file to chain together applications that will be published in the gallery.


Can some one help with how to create the outputs as a temporary file to chain the workflows together?


Currently, we can run the chained app with a single input, but we are unable to run it with another file since the outputs for each app are not overwriting/updating.


We have tried the %temp% naming convention and it was not working.


Thanks in advance!!


Hi @eras2


If you are looking at creating 'temp' files in the output and input tools I would check out @DanM article on this topic.


The important part is where the server temp settings are set up too. If this is a private gallery you can find this on the system settings of the server.


I just set up a changed app like this:




Pic 1.png



App 2


Pic 2.png






Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

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Thank you Jordan!