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Certain File Input Paths not updating when publishing to gallery

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey all,


I've ran into a problem when publishing a large workflow to the server. This workflow does it's job fine, but to monitor what its doing I'm reading and writing to a small logging database constantly: logs.sqlite. The very last step of the workflow is running a macro called 'Generate Report', this macro reads out the logging data of the run that has just passed and builds a .pdf report of it. 


The problem arises there. In the input tools that read out logs.sqlite, the file paths are not updated to reflect that it's running in the gallery. Every other filepath relating to this file does get updated to something like 'Alteryx\Workspace\Service\Staging\10076_7856f3ab8c3d4cd286ada83a20121051\_externals\2\Logs.sqlite" (Flows)', yet these input tools do not: 00:04:27.270 - Error - ToolId 103: Record #1: Tool #33: File not found "E:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Workspace\Service\Staging\Logs\Logs.sqlite". These tools have the normal relative path of ..\logs\logs.sqlite.


The obvious answer is that I've turned off these assets when saving the workflow to the Gallery, but the weird part is they dont even show up in the manage assets window, as ..\Logs\Logs.sqlite isn't there: 

no .sqlite references here at allno .sqlite references here at all

Any help is much appreciated.


Best regards,


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@Marco ,


 I think in order for the Community to assist here, they will need to see that macro you speak of to see how you are pulling the data.