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Cannot find macro: Publish To Tableau Server

7 - Meteor



I am new to Alteryx. I built a workflow that pulls out data from csv files and publishes on the Tableau Server in .hyper format. When I run the workflow from the Designer it works as expected. However I cannot publish the workflow to the Alteryx Gallery, I get the error "Cannot find macro "PublishToTableauServer_v.2.0.0\Supporting_Macros_\PublishToTableauServer.yxmc"".


The infrastructure design is as follows: we have a terminal server with Alteryx Designers and Tableau Desktops, which means they are not installed locally and then Tableau Server and Alteryx Server on the same data centre. 


I researched community regarding this issue and I have to install the macro on the Alteryx Designer on the same server. Isn't it the point when we have all Designer on the terminal server? On the Gallery there is no Alteryx Designer.


When I installed the macro is got installed here:



Also I don't have any admin rights, it is restricted by default by IT.  


Alteryx Designer version 2018.3.4.5 51585. Tableau To Server Macro taken from here https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Publish-to-Tableau-Server-Tool/599c93c8f499c7141c13a619


Can you, please, assist me with the issue?





IK81, here is the issue.  The macro is installed under the user lk81.  When the workflow is run on the server, it is not running as lk81.  You either need to install the macro for all users, OR you need to make sure to run the workflow as lk81.


From what you have shared with me, the macro is installed under:  




so it is only visible to you as the user.    You can install that same macro for all users.  In that case, the macro will be installed under C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools on the server.  You may need to be admin right to do that. 


You can also change your system's settings on the server so specify that workflows run as lk81.  


Please let me know if I got this right and if you have any more questions.